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Ayden Kang has been in the physical branding business since 2015. After finding great success with it, he quickly became an expert in the subject. He will be sharing his secrets and first-hand experiences with you throughout the year.

Clementine Kang has always actively pursued knowledge and has accumulated years of experience in physical branding. Together with her husband, Ayden, she constantly reaches for newer heights in their businesses. She will be showing you the ropes of the technical side of E-Commerce

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Ayden Kang

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Clementine Kang

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1. Jump Start Your income!

Website design

Learn how to create your own website from scratch

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Member's Reviews

Krista B.
Krista B.Beta Member 2020
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I was struggling so much with the pandemic going on, as many others are, but, when I stumbled upon these guys, I felt like I could do something of myself. I started my first business last year, I cannot believe that I found the guts to start something so amazing. Thanks Ayden & Cle!!!
Michael P.
Michael P.Beta Member 2020
Read More
I gotta say, I am useless when it comes to online things. To think that I would get on a journey like this and start my own business is incredible. I am looking forward to the years to come!
Jonathan P.
Jonathan P.Beta Member 2020
Read More
I lost my job as a nutritionist because of budget costs and I found it so hard to find another job... I am now getting ready to launch my second website and sell to people online what I know can help them get to their goals and get healthier.

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Jeanny Nebula

Nutrition Expert

Jeanny Nebula

Nutrition Expert

Jeanny Nebula

Nutrition Expert

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